3 Tips to Turn Life around

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Everyday life often puts us in precarious situations where we feel nothing is working. The feeling of stagnation and the need to know about what to do to change one’s situation. I found three basic things that can turn around your life.

  1. Desire: The fire in the belly to create an extraordinary life. Due to our circumstances, limiting beliefs & fears, this desire gets buried deep down and we tend to doubt our own abilities. But when we sow the seed of desire to change then everything around us changes. This seed is so powerful that when cultivated with motivation, discipline and sacrifice, the results are humongous. Bring in that desire to do something extraordinary and be the light for others.
  2. Action: All motivation and positive thinking are utterly useless until applied in actual life. Action is to be taken immediately. Overthinking brings in self-doubt, fear and procrastination. All our learning, skills & training are forgotten if not applied. It takes courage to take action. But once you do the thing you fear, the fear disappears. Then wonderful things happen. A journey of new and endless possibilities begins. We need to keep on asking ourselves, what is it that I can do to live my dream life and what can I do now? Answers come, they do come! There is an ocean of opportunity but only a few dare to pick them up only because they decided to move ahead and eventually moved.
  3. Trust: There is a Supreme Power that is looking after all of us. It works for us and not against us. Trust in the Almighty, Higher intelligence or Supreme Power makes you extremely powerful. The leap of faith turns around life incredibly. The biggest change comes from within. The entire personality changes. It gives you immense confidence when you have the faith that someone up there is always helping and is there with you in everything you do. It propels you to be a leader. When we trust, the returns are 10x.

Life changes but only for those who desire, take action and trust the process.


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